What is your name? Tara Jones 

What is your business?
Your Pretty Pennies with Tara Jones. I am a Financial Success Coach & Lifestyle Designer who’s passionate about helping women use their income to create their desired lifestyles. 

Why did you start your business?
My business started out as a simple blog sharing the financial plan I created for myself back in 2009 that literally allowed me to pay off over $60,000 of debt, save over $10,000 and repair my credit in less than two years as a single mother. I set out to be the person I needed all those years ago. 

How long have you in business?
I have been coaching for over 6 years but launched YPP back in September 2015. It has been almost 4 years! Whew! 

What would you tell someone who wants to start a business? What advice would you give them?
To anyone who desires to start a business to save at least 6 month’s worth of living expenses. This ensures you can maintain your current standard of living and invest into your business until it becomes profitable.

What is unique about you that helps you be successful in business?
I assist my clients with transforming their finances and by first helping them get crystal clear on the lifestyle they desire and then align their habits with it to ensure they attain their goals. It is much easier to endure the process of saving or paying off thousands of dollars when you know your why! 

What sets you apart from every other business in your field?
I believe my own personal financial journey sets me apart. In my industry, there are many professionals, coaches, experts and the like that just have book knowledge on financial management. I personally have formal education as well as experience, wisdom, and insight from living what I teach. 

What is one major thing you learned about business?
The major thing I learned about business is that there is a million ways to do business. Stick to your plan and do not change your business model just because someone else is running their business a different way. Trust your vision. 

What is the one thing you attribute to your success?
My relationship with God has had the biggest positive impact on my business success. His peace during the rough times of being a business owner has comforted me. And His divine strategy has helped me endure and maintain my edge in the marketplace. 

What are your social links?
Instagram: @yourprettypennies

What is your website?

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Grab my wildly popular Budget Mastery Masterclass + my budgeting spreadsheet at