Style Encore

Hello there!

My name is Nikki Avery, and I am the store manager at the Style Encore located in Grandville. As a personal stylist in an upscale consignment shop I have discovered my passion in a multitude of areas! Not only do merchandising, retail management and personal styling fuel my fire, but I have found my passion in working hands on with each and every women my team and I are able to impact on a daily basis. One thing I believe to my core is that finding the perfect outfit is less about what pieces you’re wearing, but more importantly stems from how YOU wear them!  I have loved watching my profession morph into passion in the last eight years. Helping women feel uplifted, sexy, and confident in whichever pieces they find themselves gravitating towards is honestly my dream, and being able to do that in my work is the biggest blessing!

One thing that can make or break any outfit combination is the level of confidence you exude while wearing it. It doesn’t even matter if what you’re wearing is the hottest trend of the season, if you can’t rock it with a smile that makes you shine from the inside out you’re not fooling anyone! It is so incredibly important to stay true to your style! Whether it’s a color, fit, print, or cut that you want to try you need to do it in your own way. Fashion is experimentation, it is art, and it is self-expression. Style is something that every single person on this earth does a little differently, and that is the magic of it.

Beauty comes in an array of sizes and shapes, and there is no one size fits all formula in finding the perfect outfit. Fashion is all about experimentation, and learning to love yourself in styles that make you feel not only comfortable but confident!  A great place to start is to get inspired, like most things in life doing a little research and finding some influencers you connect with will help drive the styles you gravitate towards. Once you’ve found a few you connect with, break it down to a few key words you’d use to describe that vibe. Bohemian, feminine, natural, classic, just to name a few. However it is that you want your look to feel focus in on that! Finding a few key staples that bring YOU joy, set YOU apart, & help you identify YOUR style will bring you confidence in whatever combination you choose! For some it may be a sunglass style like Jackie .O, a bold print like Michelle Obama, or in my case the same western belt interchangeably accessorizing my entire wardrobe!

Fashion is ever evolving and my 2019 style varies significantly in comparison to that from 2015. Although I’d use the same key phrases to describe my style then verse my style now, there are many trends that set them apart. However, as different as they may be, there are a multitude of similarities in regards to the styles I feel confident in! For example, although I have always been drawn to whites & neutrals 2015 me wouldn’t have even entertained the thought of animal print, but fast forward four years and my snake skin loafers have taken the cake as my NEW neutral. Comical how experimenting with fashion trends that you never would have pictured yourself in can actually go hand in hand with your personal style just by rocking them in YOUR own way.  

If there is one thing you take away from all of this I hope that it is this. Fashion is a form of expression so find what you love, trust your instincts, discover your power pieces, and rock it in a way that feels YOU! Confidence and style go hand in hand, and you can’t have one without the other!