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Hey! I am Lisa Jo Northouse and I am the owner of Lotus Jo’s Yoga Studio. I first started Lotus Jo’s as traveling yoga and taught classes where and when I could, my dream was to bring yoga to people where they were--physically, geographically, economically, and spiritually. Prior to owning Lotus Jo’s I taught communication for 6 years. I began to notice that I spent a lot of time teaching things in my classroom that I learned on my yoga mat, in meditation, or deepening my yoga practice. To help me deepen my practice and understanding of yoga to help myself and my students, I took yoga teacher training and became a certified yoga instructor. 

I began teaching pop-up yoga classes on the side and found that I really enjoyed teaching yoga as well as practicing--there were so many things I learned by being on the other side of the classroom. I also really valued the connections with my yoga community. Something I have began to value more and more as I have gotten older is community, the importance of the community, how the community is doing, and how to build stronger community. I eventually opened the yoga studio as a way to build community--my long-term goal being to grow the studio into a community center to offer as many community based programs and resources as I can. Something I learned while I was working as a banker in between college and graduate school was that the really strong non-profits often ran side-by-side with a for profit organization. Knowing this, I thought if I could get a vibrant community going at Lotus Jo’s, I could use that strong vibrant community to begin donating profit to my non-profit to get it off the ground.

To anyone who would like to open their own business I would say pull from your community--there are so many groups and people out there that can help you succeed and want you to succeed. Personally, I couldn’t have created the business plan I use without the help of the Small Business Development Center at GVSU or groups like Boss Babes and various other groups created for networking and support. I also tapped into my yoga community. Getting a feel for what’s out there, what resources you have available, and then creating connections, in my opinion, is key to starting a business that will be sustainable long-term. We all need a little help from our friends.

Being a business owner is certainly hard and has its downfalls, but I love it. I love the community that comes together at our studio, the connections I’ve made, the people who are truly benefitting from what we offer. I think something that sets me and Lotus Jo’s apart from others would be a combination of my genuine curiosity about and love for people, my total focus on community and well-being, my background in communication and public speaking, but more than anything--my team. I have a beautiful community of women that work at the studio and they inspire me to be a better person everyday. They are selfless, helpful, and have incredible values. They love the community at Lotus Jo’s just like I do and that shared love can be so hard to find. I run around and do the things that make the place stay open, but it’s truly open because of the community that supports it, and then we love and support that community back. 

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