Hello Homes GR


What is your name? Ashley Dietch-Schaefer

What is your business? Hello Homes GR

Why did you start your business? I saw a need for a supportive, encouraging environment for women Realtors. Our industry can be so competitive and male-dominated and I wanted to create a different path for women in real estate.

How long have you in business? Almost 10 years! Wow!

What would you tell someone who wants to start a business? What advice would you give them? Whew, get ready! I rely heavily on my mentors and ask them tons of questions. I also know that I'm going to make mistakes so I always stay humble and I'm ready to learn every day. Also, surround yourself with people who are willing to rise and fall with you.

What is unique about you that helps you be successful in business? I don't know if it's unique necessarily but I am unequivocally myself. I do what I say I'm going to do, I'm honest with my clients, and I advocate 100% on their behalf. My clients know I'm always in their corner and I'll do whatever I can to make them happy.
What sets you apart from every other business in your field? I am so proud to be an all-women company. We work hard and have fun doing it! We might not be the only all-women real estate brokerage, but we probably are the best ;)

What is one major thing you learned about business? Change is constant. Be open to any and all opportunities and never sacrifice what is important to you.

What is the one thing you attribute to your success? I just work really hard. One thing I always tell the other agents in my office is, "Hard work looks a lot like hard work." Just gotta do it!

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