As you all know #GRBossBabes is a game changer in the women entrepreneurship community. We are doing exactly what so many people have set against! We are teaming together to show the world that hey, we can be successful, come together, and help one another!

You are not alone on your entrepreneur journey.

I (Deb) spend hours working on GRBB & GHBB...HOURS. I am always looking for ways to add more value. Ways to connect people together. Ways to just improve this community (although it is already stellar!) One way I have tried to do that is by creating one umbrella to connect all of the current groups and the ones to come. My vision for the #GRBossBabes is HUGE you guys! With this I picked the name BE. Everything after that was interchangeable. BE - Kind, BE women in've heard me say it a lot...BE a good human!

As much as I felt confident in that, time has shown that this group is MORE than that name. It doesn't fit well and isn't serving what THIS is as well as it could be. This community deserves more, and deserves better. With that, we have a change coming!! This time I want to be very open about that change. I was very purposeful in creating BE -... Now I want you all in on this because YOU are this community.

Here are the deets...
We will be changing the over-all brand name to FemPro Business Society. FemPro stands for Female Professionals. We found this to be rather fitting and went through over 60+ possible names. This one FEELS good! This one sits well in my very soul.

The #GRBossBabes group name will be changing to FemPro / #GRBossBabes for awhile. In order to make it clear that the two are one in the same.

FemPro as a company will still be providing...
- Professional branding photography to help you grow a strong brand.

- Professional video promos. To give your brand a VOICE!
- Professional digital design to create a seamless look that your ideal client recognizes.

- Entrepreneur coaching. To help you climb mountains!

The #GRBossBabes community will still be providing you with a community!

It'll be staying the same community we all have come to love!

We look forward to continuing this incredible journey with you and are EXCITED for what this change brings!!!!!

Deb Proctor