Staying in touch with your potential clients = Relationship Marketing

Last Monday we talked about creating your Editorial Calendar so now I have a perfect next step for you. Staying in contact with your email contacts with this same perfect posts and images! This keeps the time spent on marketing each month to a minimum. So, here we go GRBossBabes - Hold onto your britches! I like to use Mailchimp. I take two of the best posts that month from the Living Diary and use them in my Mailchimp template. I have a standard template already created in Mailchimp which has my contact information, logo, social mediums, etc…..Then, when I post something magical in social media, I put it right into my Mailchimp template. Then, later in the month, I pick another effective post and insert that into the program. Once a month, I hit send. Like I mentioned before, it is best if you put these posts into blogs onto your website. In this newsletter you will have about 2 sentences and the great image. Then, it leads people back to your website which gently walks them into your sales funnel. See how I integrate all of these together to create your marketing and sales processes. Make Sense? These newsletters let you see how many people open it, who opens it (sometimes someone will open the newsletter 15 times which is kind of creepy. LOL). It tells you if they click to your website and also allows them to easily unsubscribe. Allowing them to easily unsubscribe is the law btw. When I see people opening my newsletters on a regular basis and numerous times, I will follow up with them to find out if we can work together. Of course, I do not mention that I noticed they opened up the newsletter several times because then it would be an awkward conversation of creepiness. LOL Give it a try and let me know how it goes.

Christine Morse - Avid Marketing Alliance

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