Social Media Posting Made Easy!


Think of Social Media as your main platform for sharing knowledge. When you share your knowledge in a professional manner, you will be considered the leading expert in your field. Then, sales will follow.

Since I like to use free and low cost tools which are SUPER EASY, I created a rockstar way to manage your social media and because I love all of you -- I want to share it with you too.

Simply take a Google Doc or Word document.
Name this Living Diary (which is a cool word for Editorial Calendar) and save it in a very convenient location with easy access.
Create an outline of at least 24 Headlines (Knowledge Pieces) that you can share. It may sound like a lot but you all have such great passions, it is easier than you think to create 24 topics of conversation.
Type your 350 - 400 words about this information which will help someone in some way. Your goal is to share knowledge so when you post it, people will share it.
This is creating your blogs! The best way to do this is to always post onto your website and share that url into Social Media. That will lead people right back to your Hub (website). Then, they will stay awhile and read other pieces of information and gentle walk right into your sales funnel (email subscription listing). Note: I am not doing this with this article because I am in the middle of updating my website.
In this Living Diary, you can insert your image as well.
This will allow you to sit, think, create, type, edit, proof, and even have a writer edit if necessary. This is a safe place to store and collect your thoughts. Let them sit until they feel perfect.
I suggest you share knowledge pieces at least 2 or 3 times per week. Of course, they are a bit different for each medium but the main concept is here, waiting for your heart to tell you when to post it.
Then, throughout the week, you sprinkle in the rest of your topics. Please see the image on what topics I recommend. This style will create a nice rhythm and cadence that shares your knowledge and allows people to get to know you personally.
Remember, about every 4th post can be a soft sell. The rest is building your brand and audience.
Hope this was helpful! It my most productive workshop so thought it would be great to share with you - the GRBossBabes!

Christine Morse - Avid Marketing Alliance

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