Q: Do you help with gaining followers, getting artists work noticed, etc.? I live in a very rural area here in Michigan so struggle with getting a bigger audience

A: Honestly, your following has nothing to do with where you live. I know of a entrepreneur coach who lives in po-dunk Wisconsin, in the middle of nowhere and has MILLIONS of followers.

Focus on being you, being genuine.

Use popular hashtags on social media that are relevant to your post.

Make sure you don't use the same exact hashtags every time. FB and IG frown upon this.

Don't ever edit your post. This can kill the life of the post. It is way better to delete, and start over.

Network! Go to networking events where your ideal following may be or within your same/similar industry.

Socialize online. Check out various hashtags that are relevant to your business. Be genuine in your comments.

Be consistent. Create a social media schedule and stick to it. People like to know what they can expect.

Q: Where do you get inspiration for content for your posts? I'm struggling with that a ton.

A: At the beginning of the year I sat down and wrote out what I wanted the year to look like. From there I broke it down month to month and picked specific topics. That way I am focusing on one topic a month, not 28-31. I then focus on that ONE topic for the month and plan a month ahead. I write out on my social media calendar what I want to share on what dates. If there is content I need to go out and get, I have time to do so. If I want to collaborate on a post with another business, I reach out to them and ask if they are interested and see what needs to be done to complete it.

Also, look up fellow rock stars in your industry. I find inspiration by checking out the leaders in my field.

Q: I am looking to start a Facebook group for my business to engage more with my audience and let them know a little bit more about me. Do you have any tips to making this a successful launch? I feel like the topics that I will be featuring in the group would be very broad is that a good thing or should they be more specific?

A: Hmm, depends on the type of group for it to be broad or specific. It is always best to have a CLEAR mission. I would suggest for your launch, get people excited at least two weeks prior. Start talking about it, put out sneak peeks, let people know that it is coming, then make a BIG hoopla once it's launched. Once you do launch it, be sure you are consistent.

Q: I’m really wanting to collaborate with bloggers and photographers, but don’t necessarily know what to collaborate on. Any ideas? Thoughts?

A: Get out there and ask. That simple. Seriously, if you have a few people in mind, reach out to them and tell them you would love to work with them on a project and see if they have any ideas!

The first step is to just put yourself out there and ask ;)

Q: How do you get more engagement on social media platforms?!

A: Be consistent. Be engaging. Be relevant.
Make sure to use all of the tools the platform gives you.
Ask your following a question.

Q: When you’re not out at a photo shoot what’s your daily routine like?
Having trouble getting everything finished in a day! So I got a calendar and I’m ready to make a daily routine.

A: Typically I wake up around 6 am, grab my coffee, get onto doing my To-Do list. I answer emails first thing. I work consistently off of a to-do list. No matter how silly the item on the list may be, if I don’t write it down, I WILL forget. I write down the things that HAVE to be done today vs. the things that can wait or maybe won’t happen until a slow season. I also organize this on Trello often. I have three boards called: Today, Tomorrow, Off season.

I hope you’ll find this information helpful!
Deb Kalsbeek
Entrepreneur coach

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