What is your name? Aubrey Marlette 

What is your business? Unleash Your Heart Healing & Empowerment Circle 

Why did you start your business? To create a supportive, collaborative and empowering community where women could be vulnerable & authentic while inspired to express their purpose. We empower light workers and service-based entrepreneurs and those who are in need of spiritual, physical and emotional healing by having weekly circles, workshops and other events.

How long have you in business? Unleash Your Heart began in July 2017; I've been in business 4 years total as a transformational life coach.

What would you tell someone who wants to start a business? What advice would you give them? Get really connected with your truth and vision and love yourself through the process- it is a process, so being clear on what you want and being gentle with yourself will help you stay the course. And realizing that what you want may evolve and change through that process!

What is unique about you that helps you be successful in business? I am a connector. I truly want to support and help other women and am endlessly curious- about other people, who they are, what they do, and how we can help each other. 

What sets you apart from every other business in your field?  This circle is specific to empowering healing businesses but is inclusive of everyone who wants to tap into their heart and live their purpose. The heart-centered business owners have an organic way of connecting with those who need their services and everyone wins! They add value to the circle while being able to promote their businesses by sharing their gifts and services at our circles. 

What is one major thing you learned about business? It is not a linear path. I have learned so much about myself and business through this process. I look at where I was when I started out- I kept inching forward, tuning into myself, getting clearer on what I want...and as I got clearer, my vision changed. Be true to yourself and learn to listen to what works for you- there is a lot of business advice out there, and if you don't love what you are doing, you will not be motivated to continue to do it. Learn to tell the difference between fear that is telling you you are moving out of your comfort zone (and you should push through) versus fear that is telling you you are going in the wrong direction for you (only you will know this!)

What is the one thing you attribute to your success? Collaborating with others. We empower each other and are able to share networks. 

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