What is your name?

Ariana Waller

What is your business?

I am the founder of two startups. My first startup is Adoraa Company, we are a digital marketplace where consumers can buy and sell pre-owned cosmetics. Women love it because they can find their favorite high-end cosmetic brands for less while also earning a little extra cash on the side!

My second startup is Wallway Technologies. We are a technology solutions firm, on a mission to build inclusive, equitable and innovative technology for startups, businesses, and brands. Whether you need a website or a consultation to determine what type of technology will help solve your problem. We can help you! 

Why did you start your business?

I started Adoraa Company because I was frustrated with the amount of money I was spending on cosmetic products and noticed that all of my close girlfriends and family members have had the same problem for many years. We all waste tons of money on products we never use for a variety of reasons: maybe you have bought tons of different foundations because of the lack of diversity in color options or maybe you are like my best friend who can never choose the right eyeshadow color. Well thats $35, $45+ down the drain per month and for some women even more frequently. Adoraa Company is a solution to those problems while also empowering women to up-cycle their products.

I started Wallway Technologies after my own experience of being a "unicorn" in tech A.K.A. a black, woman in technology. The lack of diversity for black women and people of color in technology is embarrassing. It's not that people of color don't care about technology, it is the lack of resources and exposure to technology leaves my (our) communities out of one of the most important industries known to mankind. I have worked for multiple Fortune 100 and 500 tech companies, traveled as a developer to the best conference that tech has to offer. One of the biggest issues that continue to stick out to me is that is hardly ever anyone who looks like me in these spaces. No one who wears cornrows, hoops, listens to Jay Z and is a full stack developer. The mission of Wallway Technologies is so much bigger than me, it's about making sure my community has access to the future. Technology is all around us and I want to make sure people of color and small businesses have equal access to the opportunities within technology just like any other community.

What would you tell someone who wants to start a business? What advice would you give them?

For someone who wants to start a business I would tell them to really get ready for this new season. Mentally, physically, and spiritually. It's ok if you lose friends who don't understand the 24/7 life style of an entrepreneur and what that entails. However it is important to find balance for your own mental health, whether that's through your church, close friends, prayer partners, exercise, counseling, or whatever you choose. 

Also, its ok to fail, just do it fast, and with a smile so your clients don't freak out LOL! 

What is unique about you that helps you be successful in business?

What's unique about me is definitely my ability to solve problems through building technology. I love being able to think about an idea and have the skills to build a minimum viable product within a weekend, week, or maybe a series of months. Thats definitely my "secret sauce" to success in business and outside of technology definitely my attitude. I always say, " your attitude affects your altitude". 

One thing I constantly hear back from my clients is that my customer service is definitely A1, a.k.a. , I really care about my customers and want to make sure I am helping them solve problems that advance their business or help my customers find their favorite expensive beauty products for super cheap on

What sets you apart from every other business in your field?

Adoraa Company is different from most beauty companies due to the fact that we are focused on up cycling/reselling cosmetics. Its always fun to me to explain how I came up with the idea of Adoraa Company and how so many women struggle with the same problems within cosmetics. There is always a lightbulb that pops off in their mind whether its for themselves, their wives or best friend who buys tons of products.

Wallway Technologies is totally different from the average technology firm. I don't think I have heard of a technology firm (locally) who is very intentional on making sure technology solutions are accessible for all communities. Its not just about providing a service but providing a service and care for employees that are culturally relatable to the problems they are trying to solve. 

What is one major thing you learned about business?

One major thing that I learned about business is that it certainly takes money to make money!!

What is the one thing you attribute to your success?

My number one answer is always my faith in Christ. I have to pray, cry, and ask God for answers every single day. It's because of God I have the opportunities I have, its because of God I have the faith and confidence in myself to do what I do and be an entrepreneur, its because of God that I can hold onto my sanity on the days I don't think I am good enough. Christ is definitely and always will be whom I attribute my success to.

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